Grant Applicants

Applications are now being accepted for financial support starting in 2018!

Kindly complete the application form and waiver form and forward to the Okanagan Hockey Community Foundation at Acknowledgement of your application will be forwarded upon receipt.

The Grants Committee and the Board of Directors will review funding applications for camp applicants and notify recipients by June 15, 2018.

The Grants Committee and the Board of Directors will review funding applications for scholarship applicants and will work with a third party to conduct an independent non-biased financial means assessment.

A status update on the scholarship funding process will be provided by June 15, 2018 to all scholarship applicants.

Camp bursary funding deadlines:
Application deadline: May 31
Notification of funding status: June 15

Scholarship funding deadlines:
Application deadline: June 15
Notification of funding status: two months after the fully completed application has been received and a completed financial means assessment has been conducted

All applicants and recipients are required to apply for any requests for funding on a yearly basis. Applications can be accessed by *.

In order for The Okanagan Hockey Community Foundation to best determine financial need, the Foundation will partner with an outside firm to conduct a financial means assessment. This financial means assessment is confidential and the firm will objectively evaluate the financial means of a family to attend a hockey camp and/or hockey academy based on required financial disclosure requested.

Applications for financial support will open as early at March 31 of each calendar year and will close as late as September 15 of each calendar year.

Successful applicants are expected and required to adhere to all conduct and educational policies and procedures set forth by the hockey academy or hockey camp.


The Okanagan Hockey Community Foundation will provide bursaries to attend the Okanagan Hockey Camp(s). Okanagan Hockey Camps are located in British Columbia and Alberta. For a complete listing of camp locations, please visit the Okanagan Hockey website.

Hockey camp bursaries will cover all costs associated with the camp registration and costs associated while the child is participating in the camp environment. Discretionary funds such as travel, housing and meals outside of what is provided by the camp will be considered based on an independent financial means assessment.


The Okanagan Hockey Community Foundation will provide scholastic scholarships to attend the Okanagan Hockey Academy.

Hockey academy scholarships will cover all costs associated to attend the academy including travel to and from the academy as well as housing, educational support, meals and all hockey related costs during the scholastic year.

Get in touch with us to learn more about getting the best education and athletic opportunities.

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