Frequently Asked Questions

How do I volunteer?

Please contact us at info@okanaganhockeyfoundation.com or at 250-276-8132 to inquire about volunteering.

Where are the locations of the Okanagan Hockey Camps?

Okanagan Hockey Camps are located in Penticton, B.C., Kelowna, B.C., Calgary, Alta., and Edmonton, Alta.

For additional information regarding the Okanagan Hockey Camps please visit okanaganhockey.com.

What is an accredited and/or recognized hockey camp or hockey academy?

A recognized hockey camp must be sanctioned by the provincial hockey governing body, must have on ice sessions of at least 1.5 hours a day for each attendee and shall be run by trained or certified coaches.

A recognized hockey academy shall be a member of the Canadian Sport School Hockey League, be recognized by Hockey Canada as an official sport school and be recognized by the Provincial Ministry of Education as a sports school.

Where are the locations of the Okanagan Hockey Academy?

The Okanagan Hockey Academy has two locations in Canada. There is one academy located in Penticton, BC and one academy located in Edmonton, AB.

For additional information regarding the Okanagan Hockey Academy please visit okanaganhockey.com.

Who can apply for financial support?

Financial support applications are open to all that require financial assistance. An independent financial means assessment will be conducted on all requests for financial support prior to OHCF grant financial support to any applicant. The financial means assessment will assist in determining the successful recipients of any bursary or scholarship; however the means assessment will not be the only determining factor in OHCF granting support.

How do I apply for financial support?

Applications will be posted on or before March 31 of each calendar year. Please complete the required documentation as requested. Receipt of your application will be acknowledged via email.

What determines if I am successful in receiving financial support?

An independent granting committee will review all applications for financial support. All supporting documentation, including an interview with a member of the granting committee is required for consideration. Considerations that will be taken into account are financial barriers an requirements, academic status and ability, family needs and character references of the applicant.

How do I donate?

Donations can be made securely on-line by clicking here. If you wish to send a cheque, our mailing address is 201-853 Eckhardt Avenue West, Penticton, BC, V2A 9C4. Please note, official charitable receipts are issued quarterly.

How many teams are located at each Okanagan Hockey Academy?

Okanagan Hockey Academy in Penticton, BC currently operates six male teams and two female teams. Our Edmonton, AB location currently operates three male teams, while our new Whitby, ON location will operate one male team in 2018-19.

What educational institutions do the students attend as part of the Okanagan Hockey Academy?

The students in Penticton attend Penticton Secondary School or Skaha Lake Middle School, depending on grade, while students in Edmonton attend Vimy Ridge Academy which caters to grades 7 through 12.

Students at our new Whitby Academy will attend Henry Street High School.

I have a daughter that would like to apply for financial support; do you support female athletes as well?

YES! The Okanagan Hockey Community Foundation supports both female and male student athletes.

When will I hear if I am successful in receiving financial support?

If you have applied for a hockey camp bursary you will be notified no later than May 15 in the year that you have applied for support. If you have applied for a hockey academy scholarship, you will be notified within two months of your completed application. You will also be notified via email upon receipt of your completed application.

What ages are eligible to receive financial support?

Any child between the age of 5 and 17 are eligible to apply for hockey camp bursaries. Any child between the ages of 13 and 17 are eligible to apply for hockey academy scholarships. Anyone graduating from an accredited and recognized hockey academy is eligible to apply for support for his or her first year of post secondary education. Financial support will be determined through an independent financial needs assessment.

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